What Does an Owner’s Representative Do?

The owner’s representative acts on behalf of the owner and advocates for their goals throughout a building project. They ensure that the owner receives a proper closeout and experiences a successful move-in.

If you’re an owner and don’t have the time nor the expertise to handle a building project, your owner’s representative will handle it for you. They’re experts in construction, architecture, and real estate. They manage the relationships with architects, general contractors, construction companies, government authorities, and banks associated with your project. And they typically work through each stage from conception to design, construction, completion, and closeout.

National Builders can serve as your owner’s representative. In addition, we provide the services when you cannot manage a building project or need additional building expertise to work on your behalf during construction.

Why Do You Need an Owner’s Representative?

We serve as your consultant to manage the day-to-day responsibilities typically handled by you, the owner. National Builders keeps you updated on significant events that impact the project schedule, the budget, and the quality of building work. As your representative, we maintain direct communications for reports from all project consultants, vendors, and contractors.

Here are the areas where an owner’s representative will help you save time and money in your building project:

  • Provides
  • Oversees and manages
    • project team
    • design
    • building development
    • logistical planning
    • construction management
    • budget
    • schedule
    • proposals and bids from architects, engineers, and contractors
  • Secures land, permits, and financing
  • Confirms that project meets government requirements

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