Why Do You Choose Design-Build Construction?

If you’re a commercial property owner or developer planning a construction project, you choose design-build delivery when you want a single point of contact. Doing so ensures a single source of responsibility for every part of the building process, along with efficiencies.

The design-build approach follows a historical tradition. In the past, master builders served as a single source for architects, engineers, and builder in one cohesive unit. National Builders performs that role with the fundamental construction disciplines all in one organization.

As the owner, you sit at the table with our architects, builders, engineers, and estimators to pave the way for creative solutions in how we build your building. With design-build delivery, you can expect efficiencies that minimize the costs and streamline the schedule.

What Are the Benefits of the Design-Build Delivery?

The design-build method continues to grow in commercial construction because owners like the benefits they receive. Here are the top advantages for why the method works:

  • Owner and design-build team work together.
    • When you, the owner, are involved in the process, you know your objectives will be accomplished because you and the team have the same goal of a successful outcome. And when the team faces the inevitable project challenge, everyone works together to solve it effectively.
    • The innovative process makes it possible for you to see more options to make better-informed owner decisions. As the single unit team analyzes ideas in full transparency, you’re assured of the best design, materials, and schedule to realize a better value.
  • The design-build team serves as a single point of project responsibility and accountability, which reduces the owner’s risk in complex construction.
    • When one unit, the design-builder, becomes accountable for the whole project and responsible for how it looks, what it costs, and how quickly it’s completed, they pay attention to every detail. The team considers all aspects of the project early in the process, including all fees and construction costs.
    • Having one working group reduces risk issues because the building team contributes to the design process, and a readily available design team helps with construction questions.
    • The single-source responsibility eliminates any conflicting recommendations between a contractor and architect because everyone is on the same page working under one contract. In addition, as the owner, you’re dealing with one team for a smoother experience.
  • Owner and the design-build team engage in open, honest, and frequent communications, which eliminates problems.
    • With this delivery method, you, the owner, always understand the process because it is transparent.
    • A successful project requires open collaboration among all team members. It means always saying what everyone needs to hear.
  • The design-build approach saves you time and budget.
    • Due to the smoother process of a design-build project, owners can reduce their time managing a build.
    • The integral efficiencies with this method reduce your construction costs because it involves dividends from building smart.
  • The delivery method completes construction projects quicker than other approaches because design and construction occur concurrently.
    • Impossible timelines become a reality with the design-build method as it is not hampered by the delays in collecting bids between the design and building phases.

National Builders – Your Design-Build Team

We deliver comprehensive, fast-track design-build solutions. As your partner, we first determine the project cost before designing and building, so we stay within your budget.

When you choose National Builders, you get our design-build approach combined with extensive construction experience, resources, and leading-edge technology. We give you a full range of facilities planning, design, construction, and contract interior fit-out, all from a single point of both responsibility and accountability.

With design-build delivery, we assume the risks traditionally born by the project owner. As a result, we control the costs and mitigate errors and omissions. In addition, National Builders saves you both time and money because we manage the design team and the schedule to avoid delays.

We’re responsible for the contractual risk of every aspect of a build — from estimation, assessments, and pre-construction to schematics, architecture, engineering, subcontracting, construction, and post-construction. We manage all contracts with companies, such as subcontractors, equipment vendors, and material providers.

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