Why Do You Choose a Construction Management Company?

If you’re planning a major construction project and want your interests to remain the top priority, you’ll choose a construction management company like National Builders.

As your construction manager, we serve as your representative to oversee the complexity of the construction process, so you don’t have to. Our extensive construction knowledge allows us to focus on making the best decisions and act for the benefit of the whole project.

Using us as your construction management company will reduce the total project cost, provide you with a qualified professional team, a central point of contact, and enhanced quality control.

Our work is transparent, so you remain in control as we evaluate contractors, oversee bids, and hire the most qualified people at the best price for your project.

National Builders represents your interest and coordinates and supervises all work on your behalf. We manage timelines and budgets to avoid cost overruns and missed deadlines. When you hire us, you get our extensive experience and detailed approach to construction planning. This allows us to manage complications and costs during each phase of construction.

Construction Phases

1- Planning Phase

Planning is the first phase of a building project. You, the architect, and National Builders define what you’re building. Then we determine if what you want to build is feasible.

Feasibility Study in Construction
We conduct a feasibility study early in a project because we need to determine if you can build what you want where you want. The study consists of an engineering assessment and analysis of the land. We determine the feasibility in these areas—

Technical Feasibility
In this area, our team will study the whole project from a technical perspective. First, the team will use engineering knowledge to decide if the proposed project is technically possible. This will involve considering the size of the site, access, land topography, geotechnical information, existing buildings on the site, flooding risks, and other environmental factors associated with the site.

Economic Feasibility
We carry out a cost-benefit analysis. In this step, we determine if the project is economically viable. Then, based on our team’s experience and current market trends, we will analyze various options and advise on what type of project or scheme is best suited to the site.

Operational Feasibility
This stage assesses how well the proposed project solves problems and meets goals. Whether it is a new school, hospital, housing development, or road, every construction project needs to meet an objective.

We take a big picture view of a project’s outcomes when assessing operational feasibility. This ensures that potential issues are identified so that when completed as planned and budgeted, the construction project’s goals are achievable.

Scheduling Feasibility
Completing construction on time is an essential metric in assessing its success.

In scheduling feasibility, the project team estimates how much time the project will take to complete. It is beneficial to analyze the design, materials, budgets, environmental impacts, regulations, and risk areas. It is also essential to assess the ability of the team to succeed in completing the construction project on time and within budget.

If we agree that the project is feasible based on these five areas, we move forward to the project’s planning phase.

As your construction manager, we oversee the emerging design and lead the team to develop a comprehensive and realistic plan. We ensure that it is articulate, feasible, and fits into your budget and schedule.

Your project’s best outcome is more likely to occur when you start with a carefully conceived and well-defined plan.

Value Engineering Helps Us Build You a More Cost-Effective Building

National Builders uses a systematic and organized approach called value engineering in your construction project.

Value engineering delivers a precise, detailed analysis of the best way to meet your goals and achieve your building’s essential functions over its life at the lowest total cost. The functions we factor into our assessment include capital, energy, and maintenance.

Our team’s experience and multidiscipline perspective allow us to better consider all matters in constructing a building. First, we identify what you want to achieve. Then we determine the most critical parts of the project, how long the materials need to last, and what type of maintenance the building will require. Finally, we evaluate cost reduction, quality enhancement, and improved life cycle maintenance. And that means we can identify the best quality options at the lowest available cost. It means we consider alternate design concepts, materials, and methods to achieve your goals.

Our value engineering approach gives you the most effective construction project possible with minimal risk to your investment, resources, schedule, material, and people.

2- Pre-construction Phase

During the pre-construction phase, we continue to lay the planning foundation for a successful project. National Builders works with all on the project to deliver it on time, at or under budget, and the quality, scope, and function you expect.

We work with you as we make strategic decisions to maximize efficiency and minimize potential obstacles. National Builders is responsible for risk management, contracts, insurance, and organizing the project’s business.

Our focus is on design, document review, and contract awards. In addition, we hire a professional team, develop the total project budget, and plan the construction timeline.

National Builders evaluates the construction site, the permitting, and inspection requirements and addresses items that need resolution before or during construction.

Pre-construction consists of the following areas –

  • Define scope – We define the project’s scope to ensure that what you’re trying to accomplish at your location and on your schedule is feasible to meet your project’s success requirements.
  • Calculate budget – After establishing your project goals, our team develops and presents the design and cost information to firm up your budget. This includes alternative solutions and their costs.
  • Plan construction details and schedule – National Builders finalizes the systematic design and plan attributes, including layout, size, style, building materials, systems, and essential information. Then, we create a schedule to construct your building with this information that includes permitting, inspections, and material procurement.
  • Assemble team – National Builders identifies potential subcontractors qualified to complete each part of the project. Then, we prepare bid documents and hire the project team.
  • Prepare for communications – We prepare a communications plan for everyone on the project. It allows all to interact to meet their needs to ensure that the project moves forward effectively to overcome obstacles.

3- Construction Phase

Since National Builders conducts thorough and rigorous pre-construction planning, you will see that it leads to a successful construction phase.

We handle all on-site construction operations. Our project management software allows us to control cost, direct scheduling, manage contractors, and minimize change orders.

To keep the project on track, National Builders oversees quality control, monitors project safety, and ensures that all contractors perform to specifications. In addition, we coordinate permits, inspections, testing, and monitoring. This includes administering the construction contracts and managing the budget.

4- Closeout Phase

Upon completing construction, the project moves to the closeout phase. National Builders prepares you to occupy your new building. We show you how to use it. We give you all project information, including a construction closeout document list, manuals, warranties, as-built drawings, and final accounting.

When you choose National Builders as your construction manager, you invest in systematic planning and pre-construction, leading to efficiencies and saving. As a result, you get a building that meets your goals. In addition, it’s built with professional oversight that balances the competing needs of cost, ѕсоре, and schedule, which allows your project to run smoothly from start to successful completion.

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