What’s the Difference Between General Contracting and Construction Management?

The ultimate responsible party for the overall project is either a construction management company or a general contracting company in large commercial projects.

Both companies share the same goal to complete and meet the purposes of the project, but they’re different in organization, how selected, and their relationship with the owner. Here are the differences:

  • General contracting companies specialize in the daily operation of building sites managing subcontractors and construction tradespeople.
  • Construction management companies oversee all aspects of a construction project, from planning and pre-construction to construction and closeout. They develop the scope, calculate the budget, plan the construction details, schedule it, assemble the team, and manage construction. And they collaborate with architects and engineers throughout the project.


National Builders Delivers General Contracting Services

In traditional design-bid-build projects, we provide you, the owner, with general contracting services to manage all suppliers and subcontractors to construct your building. In addition, National Builders has extensive design-build experience, which we use to assist your architect when design and construction issues arise.

One of our core competencies is managing complex construction projects as a general contractor. We serve as a resource to you and your design team at the preconstruction stage to provide constructability, cost-benefit analysis, and construction estimating services.

During construction, we’re responsible for all suppliers and subcontractors. We manage all work and direct it to successful completion. Throughout the project, we pay attention to your original design and remain aware of your intended use. Keeping your objectives in mind, we partner with you and your architects to limit cost overruns and deliver a successful building completion.

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